Contract work

Drafting contracts, negotiating with contractors and resolving disputes
The contract is not just a closing document: it should reflect the business processes taking place in your company.
Benefits of a well-drafted contract
Ability to resolve disputes without lengthy and costly litigation
Saving resources on paperwork
Ability to pass audit and due diligence faster
We advise ignoring standard documents made publicly available or generated by in the contract constructor.
This is the case when it is worth spending resources on customization.

Stages of contract work:
1. We collect introductory
We analyze the problems that may arise during the execution of the contract in order to provide mechanisms for their resolution in advance. Then, we conduct interviews with departments and employees who are subject to the terms of the new document
2. We prepare the first draft and coordinate it with the client
Or we analyze the option sent by the counterparty. After collecting introductory lawyers take a break to prepare or analyze documents. If we prepare the first draft, then we rely on the wishes of the client's employees involved in the conclusion or execution of the contract. After preparation, we send the corrected version to the counterparty
3. Together with the client team we negotiate with the counterparty
We discuss controversial issues, propose adjustments, help to find a compromise or defend the interests of the client where the risks are too high
4. We form the final version and accompany the signing
We check the powers of the signatories, help the client prepare documents confirming the powers of his representative, organize notarization, if required.
We also provide services to resolve disputes related to contracts, even if the document was not drawn up by our lawyers
The depth of due diligence depends on this
Affect the number of documents and potential risks
Directly determine the complexity of the work and the time spent
Round, company valuation and investment amount
Startup date, team size
Project characteristics and affected jurisdictions
Cost of services
The cost of work is formed on the basis of the rate€100 / per hour.
If the scope of work is clearly defined, we are ready to fix the cost of our services for it. The final amount depends on the following variables:
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