Subscription service for legal entities

We can take over the functions of the external legal department of the company or work together with your in-house lawyers.
Benefits of subscriber support:
High qualifications of lawyers
The best specialists do not work in the staff of individual companies, they work legal consulting
Economic benefit
The client receives a permanent team that is aware of the specifics of his business
Простота и удобство взаимодействия
Ease and convenience of interaction

In most cases, a contractor who provides back office services can handle it. If the task is more complicated than the execution and support of market or internal transactions, then it is worth attracting a highly qualified consultant. The result will be cheaper and better than creating your own legal department.
We believe that a startup or small business does not need an in-house lawyer.
A subscription service agreement can be concluded for 10 or 30 hours per month.
The price of subscription service per month depends on the time of the contract.
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