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We advise investors and startups in venture deals from pre-seed to A and B rounds
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  • Experience
    We have been advising IT business since 2011. During this time, we have learned to understand the specifics of IT projects and understand their needs
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    We keep our rates moderate and only bill you for effective hours worked
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    Our documents are as simple and functional as those that we will prepare for you
Our area of expertise is private international law. We have extensive experience in working with cross-border projects, and we quickly find a common language with lawyers from a wide variety of jurisdictions, from Hong Kong to Mexico.
How we work
Conducting a comparative study
We find the features of the law of all countries involved in the project and identify the main problems
Finding solutions
We get several solutions and together with the client choose 1−2 optimal ones
Picking professionals
We find local lawyers in the right jurisdictions
Refining the features
We ask point questions to confirm the solution we have chosen
We agree on budgets and set specific tasks for each involved consultant
Why can’t I just hire local lawyers?
Pay attention to the first two steps. The local lawyer is unaware of the pitfalls of the law of other states.

Coordinated work on an international project is achieved only through the coordinated efforts of specialists in all jurisdictions.
We have proven partners in different countries, and we will save you time looking for a professional consultant with reasonable rates.
How can we help you?
Let’s look at a few situations that your project may face and questions that you may have in connection with this:
The company enters a new market and faces unfamiliar regulation.
  • Can I work directly or only through a local partner?
  • Do I need any licenses or permits?
  • What conditions must be met for the import of products?
  • What requirements apply to the processing of foreign user data?
The company has been focusing on foreign markets from the very beginning and wants to competently build a corporate structure and distribute assets:
  • Which jurisdiction to choose?
  • How to allocate assets?
  • What will be the tax burden?
  • What agreements can be concluded between the companies of the group?
  • How to coordinate document flow in different companies?
The company wants to conclude an agreement with a foreign partner or investor:
  • What to do if the investor insists on concluding a contract under English or German law?
  • How to check the investor’s authority to sign a deal?
  • What are the best practices in international venture deals of this type?
There is a dispute with a foreign counterparty or a third party.
  • Where can you make a claim?
  • What law is applicable, and in which country should I look for lawyers?
  • How to execute a court decision?
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