Venture deals

Our consultants will take care of supporting a startup or an investor at all stages — from preparation and first negotiations to closing a deal.
Work Proccess
Preparation for due diligence
At this stage, the startup begins work on the deal. We identify the legal risks of the company and, if necessary, restore the documents.
The investor forms a request for documents and information, on the basis of which the startup collects a data room. The investor team checks the data and clarifies the necessary information from the startup. At this stage, the investor has a detailed idea of the value of the company and the main risks.
Deal documents
The parties determine the structure of the transaction, its basic conditions and formalize the intention to conclude a transaction on the agreed terms. An agreement on the main terms of the transaction can be signed before or after due diligence. As a rule, a signed term sheet is more of a work plan than a guarantee of a contract.
Deal documents
The set of documents may vary depending on the jurisdiction and structure of the transaction.
Detailed disclosure
A startup may be required to provide detailed disclosure of circumstances — major contracts, information about the team and product, existing contractual and other risks.
Conditions for closing a deal
The investor has the right to put forward conditions that must be met before closing the transaction (pre-closing conditions) or within a limited period after closing (post-closing conditions). Failure to comply with the conditions may threaten to delay the tranche or terminate the transaction.
The depth of due diligence depends on this
Affect the number of documents and potential risks
Directly determine the complexity of the work and the time spent
Round, company valuation and investment amount
Startup date, team size
Project characteristics and affected jurisdictions
Cost of services
The cost of work is formed on the basis of the rate
€ 150 / per hour.

If the scope of work is clearly defined, we are ready to fix the cost of our services for it. The final amount depends on the following variables:
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